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Diverse teams make better business decisions and therefore do better business

An article by Steve Varley in HR Magazine (July 2013)



Our fundamental work of reference is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the UN General assembly on 10 December 1948 and which mentions all the important issues that underlie Diversity Management, e.g. protection from discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, etc., the right to development, migrant rights, age and inclusion.

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The European Commission has published plenty of useful information about Diversity Management in the EU and International Organizations. Please refer to the following Websites to get a good overview or more details about the subjects and issues you are interested in:




Publications by other initiatives and actors


Diversity and Global Understanding - Expert Workshop Proceedings by TermNet Publisher (FREE ebook, pdf)


Everyday Multilingualism - Conference Proceedings and Report published by the Austrian UNESCO Commission (pdf)


Presentations and Programme of the First International Diversity Summer School 2007 in Vienna


Grundlagen des Diversity Managements (de) by Norbert Pauser (pdf)


Was heißt hier Migrant? 30 Begriffe zu Ab- und Zuwanderung. (German only, so far) – A glossary developed by FEDM partner TermNet for the UNESCO project Go4Diversity


Partnerschaft für Prävention: Von A-Z (German only, so far) - A glossary on occupational health and safety. Developed by FEDM partner TermNet for AUVA, (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt - the Austrian Workers' Compensation
Board) on the occasion of the EU campaign.




Interesting Projects and Events


Go4Diversity (Austrian Commission of UNESCO and TermNet)


1st International Diversity Summer School 2007


2nd International Diversity Summer School 2013 (upcoming!)


Workshops on Diversity and Global Understanding - Summary, by Henrike Paepcke, Anja Drame and Gina Zerbe, Journal of International Organization Studies, pdf




Legislation and Standards


European Commission: Anti-discrimination legislation


European Commission: Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - Policies and Activities


Austrian Standard ÖNORM S 2501 - Diversity Management - Allgemeiner Leitfaden über Grundsätze, Systeme und Hilfsinstrumente : 2008 (preview, de, pdf)




Best practice


Hiring people with disabilities is not charity; it’s good for business. A feature of the International labour Organization from Chile. Go to ILO Website


Das Lexikon der Vielfalt. Diversity von A-Z
A little encyclopedia of DIVERSITY (in German)
Published by:
Wirtschaftskammer Wien
1010 Wien
PDF-Dokument [515.2 KB]

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