Positive Health program 2018

The Positive Health program is scheduled for 3 weekends in 3 months – from October to December 2018, and run by certified Consultants of Positive Psychology, all alumni of Dr. Philip Streit (Seligman Europe)

COMBINE YOUR TRIP TO EUROPE with an extraordinary POSITIVE HEALTH program:

“Love your body – mind your soul – free your mind”


developed by Gabriele Sauberer & Barbara Hiess, both Alumni of Dr. Philip Streit (Seligman Europe),


taking place at Austria´s most unique thermal spa – the amazing “Hundertwasser Hot Springs Village” with its own curative springs: http://www.blumau.com/en.html 


Join us at this extraordinary POSITIVE HEALTH program.


20% discount for EUPPA Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners ! 



  • EUPPA Certified 

Shoot an e-mail to: gabriele@fedm.eu

Subject: PP-Health-2018-EUPPA

  • Not EUPPA Certified

Shoot an e-mail to: info@fedm.eu

Subject: PP-Health-2018-Participant


Modul 1: Introduction & Love your body

  • What is PP and PH and how does it work?
  • What is PERMA and how does the PERMA model help me in my daily life?
  • How can I practice the Sleep-Move-Eat model in my demanding career or private life?
  • What are the "5 Ways to Well-being“?

Modul 2: Mind your soul

  • The "Magic 9" interventions of Positive Psychology
  • Identify and understand your strenghts and resources
  • Use your character strenghts for health and well-being

Modul 3: Free your mind

  • How to leverage positive emotions for health and well-being?
  • How to relax and  calm down in difficult situations?
  • What is resilience and how to become resilient?


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