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We are passionate about Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion. And we believe in Quality Standards to assure adherence.

Diversity Management is a voluntary tool in Human Resource Management. It has a lot to do with good intentions and the will to demonstrate pioneering spirit. By now there is also a rather strong business case for Diversity Management. Organizations gain competitive advantage through it.


But the voluntary nature also has dangers if applied in a haphazard way. If there are no standards that guide implementation and reporting. Organizations that are serious about Diversity Management - no matter if for profit or non-profit - need such guidelines, standards and know-how for implementation.


Our forum was founded with the aim of promoting quality standards in the management of diversity in the EU. Our international focus does not mean that we do not care for local initiatives. Rather we know that there is no local without the international. EU legislation and international trends have an impact on local projects and vice versa.


We regard ourselves as advocates of Diversity Management in all its aspects. We want to provide managers with tools, know-how, certification to assist them in managing diversity in their organization in a well-designed, beneficial and profitable way. And we want to help mainstreaming inclusion, anti-discrimination and management standards.

FEDM is happy to inform you that the Austrian Mirror Committee to ISO/TC 260 has nominated our own Dr. Gabriele Sauberer as Austrian Expert to the task group “Sustainable Employability”. We wish her much success and look forward to useful standards and other documents on the topic!

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